Excerpt from "Exiles' Escape"

The Scorch, once eastern Tennessee

Late Morning, April 2129

Jesse walked on. It had taken him two days to get here after dropping off Xavier Delarosa’s corpse in Lexington. He purchased the cryo-casket and laid him in it himself for transport to Saint Louis. He would have liked to have taken him back home himself, but he had to get some information. The Sage-Men, long-lived and observant, might help. “Speaker, I bring a gift for you,” Jesse shouted, hoisting the huge bear haunch off his skin-clad shoulder and waving it to increase its olfactory and visual signal. Near noon now, the bloody meat had attracted its share of insect admirers adding their buzz. The day was getting warm. Advancing another ten yards, the old man...

Exiles’ Escape Prologue “First Hand Sapping”


(Twenty-two months before the events of the first book)

Stanton, Pensy[1], Democratic Unity of America

Infinity Acres Retirement Community

Product Reclamation Floor

06.23.02.local_01_Jan_AU75[2] (2127 AD)

“Good morning, Ruuf. Tie one on last night, did you?”

“I musta had a good time, Gurry. Can’t remember half of it, ‘n’ Sheilah wouldn’t talk to me this morning.”

“You probably deserve it. Fecking stupid that the zoots even bother to have us come in.”

“How many we got cooking, anyway? Any chance of a light day?”

“We have only one induction, four maintenance, and three consolidations. Bravo twenty-seven smoked it overnight.”

“Only one start-off? Fa...

Jesse Goes to See- Excerpt from Book Two of OMAI

Jesse Goes to See
New Union Station, Saint Louis, RSA

Mid-Morning, July 8, 2129 (AU78)

It might be a promotion but it sure felt like a “get-the-hell-out-of-town” card, no matter how they gussied it up. He had to stop by Marlow-White to get his new oak leaf insignia, adding one more small irritation in a week complicated by bad dreams, hot weather, and an assassination attempt. Being made a major did give him some juice to treat with the locals, if he needed to, he admitted. After bundling his government-issue duffle into the train coach, Jesse boarded as early as he could, hoping to sleep on the way down—sleep, and not dream.

The night of his poisoning, after he lost consciousness, the dreams came, harrowing images: a grote...

New Excerpt from Book Two Hierarchs Awake

Hierarchs Awake
Syntopian Chapter Room, RSA

7:30 PM May 21,2129 (AU 78)

The Agnomen was back. It was whispered among the students. Obliquely referenced among the teaching assistants. Murmured among the assistant professors but talked about only among the tenured, and only some of them. The man had returned.

The college building was old, older than any of the students or faculty, tracing its origins to the romanticized days of the mid-twentieth century, over a hundred years before. Then, it was prudent to have safe rooms in case of some never-realized attack. The rooms became an embarrassment, speaking as they did to naivite and paranoia. Then the rooms became an open secret, available for illicit assignations, prompting the college provost t...

"Edie" New Excerpt from Book TWO of Old Men and Infidels

Edie (650)
The openCORE, The Unity

04.41.17.local_01_July_AU78 (2129AD)

She had figured out her name. A fragment of memory … just a fleeting slice … had shown her the face of Malila: short, dark, straight hair framing steady blue eyes in an oval face with a smattering of freckles. Malila was frightened, but resolute, running on heart and adrenaline … and Malila loved her.

The glimpse of Malila voiced to her: “<E.D.[1]> off.” It had been Malila’s last words to her. It was strange she should cherish that memory, she thought.

Her name was Edie.

She could see now. At least, she had decided to label what she perceived as “sight.” In the past, when she had been with Malila, she had been able t...

Excerpt from Book 2 “Exile’s Escape”

From Rough Draft of OMAI Book 2, working title Exile’s Escape

Jesse Johnstone, frontiersman, physician, man-killer and the first of the “old ones,” after years in the Scorch, has come back to Saint Louis and stayed at the behest of his commander and long-time friend, Gage Thomas, despite the dangers. As their hated Agnomen, the Synopians are vowed to Jesse’s death, seemingly from natural causes.

Jesse & Snake (500)
Environs of Tower Park, Saint Louis, RSA

12:05 AM July 6, 2129 (AU78)

In the darkness, the old man gave a shout, the bed erupting in legs, arms, pillows, and sheets. Sitting up, his fist clutched around the throat of a light blanket, the old man stopped, shook his head and looked at the time, floating a foot...

Book Two Excerpt "Jourdaine, Haversham & antibelts"

Jourdaine, Haversham & antibelts
Halifax Station, Ginya, The Unity

20.01.06.EST_18_July_AU 78 (2129AD)

Not a sign of the two. It was like they had flicked into smoke. Jourdaine had left in apparent disgust after the second or third false alarm. The other units left. By the time Haversham rounded up his own unit, they was alone. Duty held him there to clean up the mess. A few more joy-riding crèchies were all he had to show for it. The last passenger going south, an S21 with a travel voucher and a bad attitude harrumphed past still muttering imprecations just a few minutes ago. He had rousted the men before 0400. Even the Sapped had their limits.

Lance Haversham sighed. Heading up Jourdaine’s flying squad had lost its glamour for...

New Excerpt from Book Two "Malila’s Escape #1"

Malila’s Escape #1
Suburban Washenton, Virginia, The Unity

Late night, July 2, 2129 (AU78)

Malila saw the checkpoint in the distance. It was unannounced. They never were. A squad or two would descend on an anonymous stretch of beltway and set up shop, checking the papers of everyone going that direction. She had done it herself. Malila watched the phantom shops evaporate around her like some form of undersea anemone; one moment they had blossomed with posters and sale racks the next they were an idle collection of strangers carrying odd assortments of ladders, suitcases and umbrellas.

Malila had been free (or was it bereft?) of any sort of interface for almost twenty-four hours. Her head throbbed and her nose had burst forth with new c...

Excerpt for Book Two "Will Butler Awakens"

With the rough draft done, I am now starting the editing for book two. Here is a first excerpt for your delectation and comments.

Will Butler Awakes
Searcy, AR, Restructured States of America

Dawn, July 2, 2128 (AU77)

On the morning of his last day at home, William Yates Butler woke early. The summer sun, just clearing the copse of hickory on the ridge, shone in through the dormer window of his bedroom to carom off a fragment of mirror and into his eyes. Over-warm and claustrophobic with its slanting ceiling, the room seemed smaller than he had ever remembered in his twenty-two years. Even after he and his mother had packed all the trophies of childhood, science fair projects, and holographs into two cardboard boxes “for when I can sen...

Working on Book Two: Tentative Title “Exile’s Escape”

(This is written from the point of view of a new character, William Y. Butler who is an American who has infiltrated the Unity as a spy. His major tool, Frog, is a bio-interface cum pseudo-intellect who acts to connect him to the CORE, the master computer of the Unity).