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Published July 11th, 2019 by Oldmenadmin

Book Four is Done

(well, at least for awhile.)

I finished the book yesterday.

The Demarchy, 2130 (The Demarch's Residence to left)

Basic plot:

The Great Western Demarchy, abandoning the rest of the country as a bad job in 2052, has suddenly gone silent. By 2130, most Americans believed it to be a myth, invented to give hope during the dark years of the Scorchings, the Devastations and America's slow recovery from the predations of the Unity. Having barely escaped invasion on the heroic Day of Ice, America needs to find allies before the next attack of the Unity's zombie army.

Rich, warm, globally connected and safe from the Unity's ire, the Demarchy is an obvious choice, if a long one. A demoted general, a B-list diplomat, her disdained husband, a disfigured felon, disappointed-in-lust engineer, a freelance spy, and third-grade teacher-on-holiday are sent to figure it out.

Aztec gods, enlightenment, patriotism, industrial drug use and guile aplenty create a potent mixture on the edge of the American experiment.


I still need a title.

Here are some of the suggested ones:

  • The Demarchy has Gone Silent
  • Silence in the West
  • 2130: The Patria
  • Silence of the City
  • 2130: Silence in the West
  • Silent Invasion

Which do you think best?


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