Old Man's Blog

An excerpt from “Outland Exiles”


The message impeded upon the gray man’s notice unbidden. With the faintest suggestion of an interface, it rose up before him through his Outside-Above interface.1 After years of use, the imperceptible biosensory device implanted in his brain, allowing him to use the Unity’s CORE (Concepts of Reality Engineering Inc.) cyberspace, was just the habit of life.

In an earlier age, it might have appeared as follows:

To: ComOutOps
From: ComOutSig
Time/Date: 11.33.03.local 11 10 AU762

RE: Unity Sensor Station 43.11.0/97 89.13.56/41 (SUNPRAIRIE)

signal ceased sunPRaiRiE 10.21.03. central 10 10 au76

The gray man smiled, adjusted his uniform, signed the memorandum with his characteristic mental gesture, and began preparations for the destruction of Malila Evanova Chiu.