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Another Milestone

I received the content edit of book one, Outland Exile, three weeks ago and have been busily editing my heart out since then. I think as a writer, you get all kinds of neat ideas. Most are so inchoate as to never make it to the page. Others, once written, become like a ball of mud one is condemned to push up hill. Of these, most are discarded before they engulf you. A few can be actually realized on the page. Of these, with many, your crystalline idea does not translate. What you thought was a subtle but incisive way to say something about your characters is taken as a typo.

On advice, I cut a lot of these out of the Ms before I sent it back today. The writer’s job is to communicate and if I cannot get a worker in the world of words to notice the deafeningly clever thingy I did…perhaps it was not so clever. It was fun to do it anyway.

I have relented, after being advised now twice, and have included a glossary. That allowed me to rid the Ms of a large number of “straight” footnotes. Most of the ones I left in are quotations from works as yet unwritten. They have been fun to invent, from the owner’s manual for a child’s new gizmo to a Sunday supplement article to a “Zinn-History” of the America as yet to be in the future. You can do that if your story is in the latter part of the 22nd century.

Finally, I have revised the idea for the cover. The original one which graces this website by virtue of “fair use” regulations is actually of a Soviet attack on Finland on the eve of WWII by Robert Diamant. The holder of the rights would not agree to let me use the image.

This latter image is all subscription images but just my own composition, NOT the final image of course.