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At the Printers


The email, when it came, did not have the overture of celestial trumpets I had secretly hoped for. My baby is growing up … going off into the world on her first job. There is nothing I can do about it, for love or cold cash.
Like letting go at college, you know some people will not be nice to her. People are like that. You know you did the best to put good things into her: characters with character, decisions answered well because others had not been answered well, humor to amend and temper the bad times, and not least, a reason for going out there in the first place.
They tell me that I will get a copy of the print version in about 2-3 weeks. That puts it right before Thanksgiving (USA style and no that has nothing originally to do with a harvest celebration). By late on this upcoming Thanksgiving day, however,I will be arriving in Accra on my way back (http://missionghana2008.blogspot.com/)to Nalegrigu, Ghana for a six-week mission to the hospital there. I expect I will be able to write and perhaps even finish up Exile’s Escape (or whatever I finally decide to call the second book).
I am anxious to see how this second book ends. It will be a bit different. OE followed Malila, more or less, on her triumph, defeats and eventual triumph of self-awareness. EE will be more a story of inter-twining fates among seven personalities, how they combine and separate to create a new reality. Oh and then you have the Battle of Atlanta.