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Audiobook Completed


It is with some real pride and satisfaction that I can report that the audiobook version of Outland Exile: Book 1 of Old Men and Infidels is now complete, subject only to the QA people at ACX. Within a couple weeks it will be available for purchase on Amazon, Audible and other vendors.

Although I cannot tell the price the duration is 10 hrs 42 minutes.

This has been a great collaboration with Jack Nolan, an actor/voice actor. The audiobook is quite a departure from the book; the things you need to do visually are frequently poison for a linear, get-it-on-the-first-bounce-or-not-at-all, audio book. All footnotes had to be scrapped (“kill your darlings”) or briefly incorporated into the narrative. The voices I heard in my head had to be recreated by one very-talented voice.

It is not the same.

I think it may be better than the original