Bullying in Plain Sight

"Parents don't want justice, they want quiet." School officials want to seem tough and often yell about bad behavior but they usually don't look for anything proactively, don't catch bullying in the act, and don't make much effort to determine the facts so they treat victims and perpetrators the same with lazy threats of punishing all involved. One of the many truths in this insightful book is that children learn to not even bother involving disinterested adults when "justice" is meted out with "false equivalency" which punishes victims and amuses the bullies. Public displays of "taking action" are worthless when the supervising adults do the minimum to restore order and quiet - without any attempt at fairness or determining who did what. Bullying can have serious consequences and Dr. Chandler gives great examples of what actually happens to students from the victims' perspective - and what parents and teachers and other school officials can proactively do to help eliminate these aggressive behaviors.


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