Malila of the Scorch


Book 3 of OMAI

Malila emerges from the Scorch-- as loving and brave as Jesse remembered but-- changed.

The Unity is coming. Not just a raid but an invasion--with a genocide chaser.  BUT WHERE?

America with its scarce resources and small army cannot attempt to defend without critical intelligence.

American spies Will Butler and Elise McCrory know who, what, and why. They still need to know where and when. With the aid of their computer entities and the mysterious EffieCee and Cain, they try to weedle the facts from the ever more dangerous CORE.

America's new allies--possible allies-- are the changed plants of the Scorch, but only if they can make a deal. How do you bargain with a plant?

The climax of the first three books comes alive as Malila, Jesse and America battle for survival in a hostile 22nd century dystopia.

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