End Game Contest

Published June 29th, 2018 by Oldmenadmin

No One Aspires to Being Old.

Growing old-- going in the direction-- but not arriving. The body gives out. What you could do without thought just a while ago is now a trial. Door knobs dodge your grip. Hair distribution is off. Places have that should not and have not when they should. Things fall to the floor too often.

Friends give out. They turn into a clutch of old geezers with funny colored hair, the one that still have some. Then they up an die.

Institutions give out. Orgainizations you thought stood for something decide that they would rather up skirts and go have a smoke over there.

Very trying.

All of which brings me to ask the question:

What are you aiming at in OLD AGE, however you define it.

AIM SMALL, MISS SMALL. Send your contribution to Mwajani@Gmail.Com and I'll post the best and give the very best a free ebook of the NEW EXILE"S ESCAPE.

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