Five Lies About Mexico. Well, Really, Two Lies, Three Wrong Questions

Published March 1st, 2017 by Oldmenadmin

via 5 Lies About Mexico You Need To Stop Believing — My Heart of Mexico

I read this generally well-written blog about the lies which are spread about our southern neighbor. There is much here to contemplate.

Briefly the Lies are:

Mexico has a wall on its southern border.

Mexico does nothing to fight the drug cartels

Mexico does nothing to stop illegal migrants from crossing into the USA

Mexico sends millions of illegal migrants into the USA

Mexico has tougher immigration laws than the USA

So let’s take them one at a time.

Mexico does not have a wall on its southern border. Follow-up question. Is this good or bad for either Mexico or the USA? The border is notoriously porous and merely amounts to some extra income for the border guards as they get a few pesos to look the other way. Since a large number of illegals (especially the tsunami of unaccompanied minors two years ago) were not Mexican, this porous southern border merely exacerbates the Mexican-USA problem. The USA has become the single greatest target for illegal aliens in the western hemisphere.

Conclusion: Absolutely false, unfortunately.

2) The question has actually never been whether Mexico did nothing but rather whether Mexico did ENOUGH. The level of corruption in even the higher levels of police in Mexico means that money spent or given to Mexico by the USA to fight drug cartels is more than likely used to line the pockets of police (as a best case scenario) or used to corrupt the officers to look the other way (worst case). Fast and Furious is a good example of the unforeseen consequences of throwing dollars at problems

CONCLUSION: Not the right question. Whatever they do, corruption makes the situation worse.

3) Same problem. Nothing is a very low threshold. Does Mexico do ENOUGH to seal its border with the USA. It is obvious from recent events that this is not so. A case before the SCOTUS involves the very sad case of a USA border guard killing a child who was with a group of other adolescents who were taunting him by running back and forth across the border. If Mexico is incapable of sealing off the border from the nefarious schemes of children, how well does it do it for the coyotes and those who make millions a year from the illegal and unethical trafficking in humans?

Conclusion: Not the right question. If Mexico does not actively and successfully seal its border it can hardly complain if someone else does so.

4) False. Mexico does not send illegals to USA. That admission would be absurd for anyone seeking political office in Mexico. However, Mexico does accommodate illegal aliens and uses the money sent back as a substitute for any sort of social safety net.

Conclusion: False but beside the point. It has left the door open and turned out the light. Anyone wanting to better their families knows to go north.

5) False. Mexico has apparently gutted their immigration rules, and like the porous southern border, has made the Mexico-USA problem immeasurably worse. In consequence, Mexico is now between a rock and a hard place. If the USA seals its border, Mexico is now on the hook. Mexico is the most wealthy state in Latin hemisphere. Where will all the illegal aliens go if the door to the USA is barred?

Conclusion: False, unfortunately.

Without the porous USA border, vast amounts of dishonest cash would no longer be available to corrupt the workings of our fellow democracy to the south. A border closing is going to provoke hardships. Of that, there is no doubt. At the end of it, Mexico could be transformed into a model of a modern state. They already have one aspect of it, voter ID cards, which our own unenlightened country refuses to institute.

Near the end of the Mexican War, Generalissimo Santa Ana is quoted to have said, “Pity poor Mexico, so far from God and so near the United States.”

Perhaps, a little more distance between the USA and Mexico would serve both well.

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