How it Starts

Published December 17th, 2015 by Oldmenadmin

Get the Dinosaurs out of Congress!( makes compelling reading, especially if you are less than 37 years old.

Apparently, to Mr Fernandez mind, the mere and only fact that anyone is not the median age of the rest of the country (currently a healthy 37 years old) is sufficient in itself to disqualify them for higher office, regardless of the will of the people who elected them. To add to this obvious disability, apparently 382 of 535 have committed the additional sin of being millionaires, instead of making the average income of $42,000.

We are getting older, we are getting younger. Surprisingly, everyone who is now older was once younger. If you live to be older, it was not by excess, philandering, bad choices, poor judgments or wanton spending, all of which are options if you wish to die before 37.

But, I see this is a winning ticket: disenfranchise the elderly, alienate them from society, reduce their options (like taxing IRA’s and 401K), ostracise them from mainstream life and when the time is ripe, you can take all their stuff and make it your stuff.

Mr. Fernandez, no doubt, will have many supporters. My only question is: If these guys are such terrible people, how come the masses have not risen up to vote them out of office?

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