Incense Rising by NJ Schrock-- a Chillingly Plausible Novel of the Near Future

Published August 26th, 2018 by Oldmenadmin

In a world where black is being called the new white, Dr. Incense Rising's world would fit right in.

This is the stuff of horror, not because of the red-eyed monsters but because regular men and women have let themselves become so. After the War for Peace, the world is divided into commercial zones, consumers becoming the new serfs to entities like Eu-Foria!, Wise Consumer and Nearly Dairy, with its unappetizing ads on toilet paper.

A new theory, spelling the destruction of the new feudalism, has already taken a life--that of its creator, Incense's Uncle Orion. She is on the lam to save herself and the theory.

This is political fiction in the spirit of 1984 and BNW. Smart dialogue, solid motivation and a niggling idea that this world might just come true make this a novel YOU MUST READ!

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