Observations the Morning After

Published November 9th, 2016 by Oldmenadmin

Immensely surprised and saddened.

The country, after eight years of corruption and misrule, loss of freedoms, and abrogation of ancient rights, will have a new ruler. It NEVER mattered who won.

We are STILL going to be ruled by those who disdain our faith, despise our beliefs, seek to destroy our country, and steal our wealth, turning it into a reflection of failed governments and societies across the years and the globe.

DID the election mean ANYTHING?

Perhaps. If it did, it will be an example of a modern miracle. God will have taken a few fish and loaves to fashion more than the sum of the parts.

We have had eight years of a military reduced to its least capable in fifty years, an officer corps which has been vitiated by political correctness, and soldiers being daily put at risk to forward an ideology of blindness.

LORD, protect this country from its enemies.

The erosion of rights by a judiciary which believes itself to be an arm of the executive will lead to the dissolution of the republic. Let me say that again.

An judiciary that does not adhere STRICTLY to the constitution will destroy the country.


If we are a TRUE democracy as BHO would have us, no one has any rights. They can be voted away by the transitory and manipulated “will of the people.”

Rights, given by God, are defended by man. The government is TOLD TO DESIST from impinging on those rights by the constitution. There is no one there to make it behave, save the judiciary, which as Andrew Jackson observed, has no army. If judges take not their commission as sacred, all rights to property, privacy, speech, assembly, due process, and executive limitation are gone. “We are the 99%.” can be formulated in any one of a thousand ways and YOU will be found outside the gates, as well.

I wish our president elect well. His brand of audacity might, by random error, serve the country well.

That will not be enough

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