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Published November 13th, 2015 by Oldmenadmin

The book has been written and rewritten some dozen times. The book has been edited top to bottom a few dozen times by a half dozen sets of eyes. The book was made into a real work event with some work from people with a sense of style.

Now the book sits, half of an equation. The other half is to get people to pick it up and read it.

Believe me, I spent the last week giving away copies to those few people who have read it before it was committed to actual paper: Pat Kennedy, an early editor and Jim, erstwhile climbing partner and fellow-prisoner of the floods of Mt. Washington. I have sent off copies to local libraries whose locales have figured in the books: New York, Philadelphia as well as the really important venues of Sun Prairie Wisconsin and Carrollton, Kentucky. I have dropped off a copy at one of the local Starbucks, BAM the Alabama Book Fair, and the county library. I have sent email feelers to Hudson Books and every independent bookstore in a two hour radius.

Now of course, I wait.

What I would like is to have lotsa people buy the ebook give me reviews … lots and lots of reviews.

What I would be glad to do is to anyone who promises to write a review … any review … I will forward an epub version of the book to anyone who leaves their email address as a comment (it will not be published of course).

My time is growing short. Next Thursday the 19th, I will be out of the country until after New Years. I wonder if Leo Tolstoy felt the same way after his pamphlet “War and Peace” was released?

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