Correct Political Correctness!

Published January 26th, 2020 by Oldmenadmin

Political correctness, a politically correct way to say censorship, is an idea whose time is departing. In a nation still influenced by Victorian and Christian mores, the idea that it was honorable and amicable to speak so as not to offend your neighbor, allowed this new abuse of power to arise.

From merely conforming to each new label minorities wished to be addressed as (e.g. colored, Negro, Black, Afro-American, African-American, person of color), this has morphed to a grotesque arabesque of invented pronouns being lathered onto unsuspecting people with demands that they be used.

Expletives are outlawed. Unless you are a dog breeder, you had better watch your p’s and q’s in New York, young man, if you know what good for you.

Plain speech has been overthrown in favor of torturing the language to its sticking point. “Felons” are now “Justice-system exposed individuals” which is not only burdensome but inaccurate. Feces-paved streets of our Golden State are sure to become “Casual Urban Composting facilities.”

Censorship always failed. It is the way a dictatorship impresses its will on the people, not with onerous taxes and burdensome laws, but with a foot on the neck of the people speaking their minds. It fails because people are smarter than their governments. Mere milliseconds after the idea of inforced politically correct speech was invented, some streetcorner wit was making fun of it.

I believe the next president will be less politically correct because America will be less politically correct.

Thank God, (or a diety or non-diety of your choice, should you think that thanks are in order, of course).

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