The Four Rules for a Crook (or a Rising Bureaucrat)

Published February 28th, 2019 by Oldmenadmin

The Four Laws of Confidence

(rules gleaned by Malila Chiu from her patron, Colonel Sophia Henchly of the Defensive Unity forces for Security, 2128)


A Primer for a rising bureaucrat

1: The story has to be absolutely true.

Certifiable data must be as accurate, or at least un-disprovable.

2: The setup makes the story sing

Partial data, and it is always partial, can be arranged in many ways. Create one to confirm people’s prejudice, appeal to their avarice or vanity, or point to an inevitable disaster

3: Don’t confuse people with too many choices.

Always have a solution for people to discover themselves. If your setup has been done well, the solution you desire becomes self-evident to your mark. Then give them an opportunity to act on their “discovered” solution.

4: Don’t be greedy.

Better to have wool for years than roast lamb for a day. If you have chosen your solution correctly, people will gladly do as you will and thank you for the privilege.

Setting: Malila has got a problem. SunPrairie Station has become a black-eye for her. She needs it to go away. Convincing her rival faction members to help her do that will take guile, ingenuity -- and the FOUR RULES.

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